What have we learned with Datylon reviews on Capterra

Collecting reviews is crucial to understanding what your users love about your tool. Datylon has joined Capterra to learn what makes our plug-in great!
You can read all of the reviews of Datylon here.

Is Capterra worth it?

Genuine feedback

Datylon is great for big report projects: once you have set up your graph, you can apply it to several sets of data without any annoying “reset” issues from the Illustrator Graph tool.
See Alexandros’ full review here.
Datylon has been absolutely incredible. Their customer service is tremendous. If you have a question about how to use a tool, they have helpful FAQs, or are even able to recreate your request and give you feedback on how to achieve your desired look. The tool itself is indispensable. I feel like we (designers) finally have an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t lack the customizability and design aesthetic that other graph maker tools tend to have.
You can find Josh’s full review here.
Been looking for a better way to do charts/graphs in Illustrator — Datylon fits the bill. Easy to install as a plugin, great options for chart design and really easy to import/insert data. SOOOO much better than Illustrators outdated charts tool — easy to resize (yes!).
Read Emily’s full review here.



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