5 inspiring data visualization galleries

5 inspiring data visualization galleries — find insights and start creating your own data stories with Datylon.

Datylon’s Inspiration

Browse through Datylon Inspiration examples, categorized into different types of charts, and find a new idea for your design.

Datawrapper’s River

Datawrapper is a data visualization tool that allows you to create interactive charts, maps, and tables.

Yan Holtz’s Dataviz Inspiration

Dataviz-inspiration.com is a progressively growing library of most beautiful data visualizations that aims to help you get started with your graph design.

Maarten Lambrecht’s Xenographics

Xenographics is a delightful gallery of unusual and weird charts that in the end can be quite useful.


Flourish is a tool that allows you to create highly interactive visualizations, such as charts and maps.



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